In 2017 the Trust awarded grants to the following organisations:


Ambitious About Autism  £3,150


Funding for an interactive smartboard to be used at TreeHouse School.


Ashford Family Nursery  £4,650


To provide additional sessions at Ashford Nursery for very young children with significant learning needs.


Back Up Trust  £5,000


To provide support for young people with spinal cord injuries to enable them to take their place in the educational system and develop independence skills.


Bereavement Centre  £4,000


Grant for Seasons for Growth UK to provide 1:1 or small group counselling following bereavement for young people living in Harrow.


Chickenshed Theatre  £5,000


Grant to support Chickenshed Theatre  for 2017 as it extends its workshop sessions during 2017.


Clwyd Special Riding Centre  £4,500


Grant to purchase 3 purpose designed saddles to enable children with

special needs to ride ponies to build their self confidence and strengthen

motor and communication skills.


Create  £5,000


Funding for Create’s delivery of the Artsadventure project for children in

hospitals in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire region.


Cruse Bereavement Centre  £5,000


To enable 15 special bereavement volunteers to be trained in counselling

bereaved children in E. Sussex.


Cystic Fibrosis Trust  £5,000


Grant for the provision of materials to be used in schools and to support children with Cystic Fibrosis in their adolescence, helping them to come to terms with on-going life decisions.


Disability Challengers  £5,000


To support the bursary provision for the holiday playscheme run for

children with disabilities in Alton.  


ERIC (The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity)  £5,000


To fund the charity’s information and help-line service for teenagers on

a delicate aspect of life.


Footsteps Foundation  £4,500


Grant towards the maintenance of the charity’s hours of physiotherapy

which benefits a number of children from around the country.


Guild Care  £5,000


Funding for the Ashdown Centre which provides respite for children

with disabilities and their siblings.


Haringey Shed  £4,200


Funding for support workers to enable young people with disabilities in

the Haringey area to access activities there, largely drama based and

organised by Haringey Shed.


Haven House Children’s Hospice  £5,000


Funding provided to increase Physiotherapist contact time by 10% as

part of  the Hospice@Home.Butterfly programme.


Heads On  £2,500


To support the work of a project artist to develop drawing skills in

children with a mental illness, through the Year of Drawing Project.


ICAN  £5,000


Support towards additional hours for an O.T. in 2017 to treat severe

complex communication difficulties with some children at Down House



Mad Hatter’s Children’s Charity  £4,650


To enable 9 sessions for 8 different special schools in the Midlands

area to experience the To Boldly Go project at the Ackers Adventure



Megan Baker House  £5,000


Support towards work in offering conductive education to improve

the outcomes and life-chances of children with a range of

motor-disabilities including cerebral palsy, dyspraxia and acquired

injury in Ledbury.


Lake District Calvert Trust  £5,000


To provide bursaries for young disabled children to attend activity



London Philharmonic Orchestra  £3,000


Support towards the ‘Sound Journeys’ project which enables children

with significant Hearing Impairments and some on the Autistic Spectrum

to participate in music activities which provide them with an additional

means of communication. The members of the orchestra give of their

time and also provide Continuing Professional Development to others.


Movement Centre  £4,000


To provide Targeted Training for children with cerebral palsy, Targeted

Training mimics the natural development of control, using a specially

designed standing frame which is made in the hospital workshop. Each

frame is tailored and adjusted to the child’s specific requirements. The

frame goes home with the child so they can repeat their exercises daily,

taught by the physiotherapists, which the parents commit to.


OKMT (Otakar Kraus Music Trust)  £5,000


Funding for music therapy for 7 children aged 5-14 years with brain

damage, living in Twickenham and Richmond enabling them to access

the OKMT music school for 1 year.


Pace Centre  £3,500


Towards the effective construction of bespoke PODD (Pragmatic

Organisation Dynamic Display) communication books for use with some

of their non-verbal children. Each PODD book is created by the learning

support staff and is tailored to the needs of an individual child and is

designed to increase the child’s vocabulary and help them to build up

their communication skills.


Partnership for Children  £3,000


To provide Teaching Packs for 4 special Needs Schools giving skills for

life. The work has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation for

its content covering Mental Well-Being and coping with difficulties.


Rainbow Trust  £5,000


Funding for employment of a Family Support Worker in the Cumbria and

N. Lancashire team.


Richard House Children’s Charity  £4,000


Funding for a palliative care nurse for at least another month to provide

specialist care for children with life-limiting illnesses from some of the

most deprived boroughs in the UK.


Rosie’s Rainbow  Fund  £2,000


Provision of music therapy for very sick children in hospitals in Berks,

Bucks and Oxon. A grant to pay for 40 hours of sessional fees for the

music teacher.


RSBC (Royal Society for Blind Children)  £5,000


To work with 8-11 year olds at a purposeful club promoting health

equality and independence among RSBC’s blind and visually impaired

members and enabling them to gain an AQA accreditation in so doing.


Seashell Trust  £4,000


To enable children with severe communication issues at their Specialist

school and college in Manchester receiving an education to have I-pads

to support their learning. Their request is to purchase 20 such

communication and learning devices.


Sebastian’s Action Trust  £4,400


Funding for an art therapy for Life Limited children to take place as part

of a children and family holiday-home package and outreach.


SHINE  £5,000


Funding for Shine Brighter a new special education support project for

children and younger people with spina bifida and hyrdocephalus to

have an inclusive educational experience and to achieve qualifications

leading to greater independence.


Solihull Special Needs Association  £4,000


Funding for the employment of an experienced Early Years Play Worker

for 2017.


Soundabout  £5,000


Support towards Soundabout bringing Sounds Wild programme to

children in Special Schools.


Swings & Smiles  £3,000


To provide indoor and outdoor play facilities for children with special

needs and their siblings.


Tall Ships Youth Trust  £2,500


To enable 10 young disabled persons to receive bursary funding to join

life-changing sailing experience.


Theatre Troupe  £5,000


To support Theatre Troupe’s work with Young People marginalised from

schools as a result of mental health issues by providing drama

opportunities and arts workshops.


Tiny Tim’s Children Centre  £5,000


A grant to be used towards the provision of therapy for children with

disabilities and special needs who are aged 0-8 years old.


The Hamlet Centre  £5,000


A grant towards the costs of a Parenting and Care Practioneer working

with local children with disabilities and their families.


Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood  £2,850


Funding to support the education programme at the Museum of

Childhood by the introduction of Quiet Days for those children for whom

such an environment makes all the difference between a learning

experience and a fear of noise and crowding.


Winston’s Wish  £2,750


To enable the provision of a weekend for children bereaved by illness or

accidents in the SW/West Midlands.