In 2016 the Trust awarded grants to the following organisations:


Armonico Consort £5,o00


Trustees had been delighted to hear of the musical opportunities

provided for children with special Needs in particular, and wish to offer support for another year, with the creation of original compositions through sensory experiences, by special Needs pupils, in Telford.



Arts Depot £3,500


To support the work of the Arts Depot. In particular, the 5 workshops for disabled young persons to equip them for performance in a new festival profiling disabled artists and celebrating equality and diversity.



Ashford Family Nursery £4,650


Trustees are again able to support the Nursery in their good work in providing extra sessions for very young children with additional needs.


Asthma Relief £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support the excellent service that is given in servicing, providing and maintaining nebulizer machines for children

with this chronic disease. The grant is to be used to purchase vital equipment outlines in your email of November 8th for Diana’s

Children’s Community Nursing Service in Salfor; QEII Jubilee Special Needs School, Westminster; Little bridge Hospice, Barnstable; Charlton Farm Hospice, Bristol (who we also support independently) and your

local provision of an e-flow nebulizer.



Back Up Trust £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support the School Advocate Programme

that will educate and inform the community and relieve the stresses put upon children with spinal cord injuries.



Bendrigg Trust £5,000


Trustees are pleased to continue to support Bendrigg Trust as we have

been doing for many years now..



Bolton Lads’ and Grils Club £4,000


Funding to support the Club in their very effective Project (Youth Inclusion Programme).



Brainwave Centre £5,000


To support the Brainwave Centre for a second year in the work they

do to support the needs of brain injured children and their families  

through the therapy they offer nationwide.



Camden Arts Centre  £1,500


Trustees are pleased to support CAC Get the Message project that will enable children in 3 SEN schools to benefit from workshops that will inspire their creativity, enhance their self-confidence and improve their communication skills. We note the request is for the academic year 2017/18.



Caudwell Children  £4,000


To fund an Expressive Arts Course for 15 children with disabilities, in Manchester.



Children's Adventure Farm Trust  £5,000


Trustees are pleased to support the Farm Trust in providing opportunities for up to 16 disabled children to visit and stay on the farm for

ducational, challenging and adventurous activities.



Children’s Hospice South West  £4,000


Trustees are delighted to be able to support again the Music Therapy sessions in a palliative care setting within the hospice.



Cystic Fibrosis Trust  £4,000


Trustees last awarded a grant to this Trust in 2010.  http://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk


Disability Challengers  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support the holiday play and leisure scheme

in Alton for another year.



Douglas Bader Foundation  £3,000


Trustees are able to support ‘flying days’ again for 10 children with

disabilities and their carers.



Elizabeth Foundation  £5,000


Trustees are pleased to support the amazing work with deaf children

for a 3rd year, at the Cosham clinic.



Family Action (Friendship Works)  £3,800


Trustees are pleased to offer the renamed charity a further grant

for 2016 to enable it to establish new friendships for two children

with severe social disabilities and to support these over the next year.



George Coller Memorial Fund  £4,000


An award to support the provision of an Asthma nurse in

Birmingham Children’s Hospital.



Haringey Shed  £4,200


Trustees are pleased to support Haringey Shed in providing access

to activities for disabled children to become included in the great

range of activities.



Helen & Douglas House  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to continue to support the work of the hospice

in providing a Community Outreach Nurse.



ICAN  £2,000


Trustees will be pleased to supply funds for the purchase of

equipment, eg parachutes for the Jump Ahead Club.



Jessie's Fund  £5,000


Trustees congratulate the Fund in its ‘China’ anniversary and wish

to support it for a 2nd year in its excellent.



Keech Hospice Care  £5,000


Trustees are pleased to support Keech Hospice Care for a 3rd year

by funding part of its programme of Music Therapy for life limited

children in Hertfordshire.



Little Haven's Children's Hospice  £4,500


Trustees are content to accept this application as your 3rd year of

of funding for the part provision of a palliative care nurse at Little




Living Paintings Trust  £5,000


Trustees are pleased to support the work of the library and the

production of more raised image children’s books for blind and

partially sighted children, their teachers and the`ir parents.



London Philharmonic Orchestra  £3,000


Trustees are pleased to support LPO in their access programme for

children with Special Needs in two London schools.



Movement Centre  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support targeted training at their centre in

Oswestry. This grant will assist two children with cerebral palsy or

global developmental delay to improve their independence skills and



Muscular Dystrophy UK  £4,000


Trustees are pleased that Muscular Dystrophy UK has applied for a

grant so soon after hearing about our Trust. We will offer funding

towards a new fun and support pilot programme for young people with

muscle-wasting conditions and their families in the West Midlands.



Naomi House & Jacksplace  £5,000


Trustees are delighted that the extension into Jack’s Place is now

complete and wish to offer support you for a third year with funding

for 5 bed nights this year.



National Autistic Society  £4,500


Trustees have received this application for a 2nd grant to the NAS but

will consider it to be a new application on behalf of Helen Alison

School. We would be happy to fund the project to the value of the

Inclusive Orbit and its installation, that will provide access to the

outdoor play area.



Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support the work of this Hospice.



Norton Hall Family & Children Centre  £3,000


Trustees are pleased to support the Norton Centre for a second year

in providing positive play opportunities for children with Special Needs.  



Pace Centre  £3,260


Trustees are pleased to be able to offer Pace Centre a grant to develop

essential communication resources for non-verbal children.



Pepper Foundation  £5,000


Trustees commend the work of the Foundation in providing Pepper

Nurses to tend children with life-limiting illness, in their own homes.



Polka Theatre  £3,000


Trustees are delighted to be able to choose to support Polka’s Access

Programme for a third year with a grant.



Sheffield MENCAP  £5,000


Trustees are encouraged to hear of the development into the world of

radio production with the programme of three 12 week sessions for 10

young people. We would like to assist by providing funds for those




Solihull Special Needs Association  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to provide funding towards the employment of an

Early Years Play Worker who will enable you to offer more places to

children with disabilities or other Special Needs that will give greater

resilience to the existing team, as well as building in, additional

valuable experience.



Theatre Troupe  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to award Theatre Troupe another grant to support

your second workshop programme. We hope our grant will attract

match-funding from The Friends of the Livesey Museum and Treasure

House School.



Theodora's Children's Trust  £3,000


Trustees are tickled pink to be able to provide a grant that will enable

children in Birmingham Children’s Hospital to experience the fun of

magic and laughter from your team of Giggle Doctors.



University Hospital Coventry & Warwick  £3,000


Trustees to grant an award to introduce a sustainable Music

Programme for children and young people who are required to stay

in hospital due to having a life limiting disability or serious illness.



University Hospitals of North Midlands Charity  £3,900


Trustees are pleased receive this application for funding which we

would like directed towards the Our Songs residency at Stoke Hospital.



VIP+ (Vulnerable Intervention Partnership)  £3,200


Trustees are pleased to receive this application for funding towards

providing holiday time activities for young people with mental health

issues at Highfield Secure Adolescent Unit in Oxfordshire. Our intention

would be to award a grant to enable Easter and Christmas 2017

activities to proceed.



West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to grant a one off award to develop a film and

buy an interactive screen to show the film to children and young

people with a learning disability who visit the Heath Robinson

Museum. There will be a Makaton signer sitting in a comfortable chair,

in an inviting and calming environment with plain colours.



WhizzKidz  £5,000


therustees wish to support, for a 2nd year, the excellent work of

wheelchair ambassadors within its 10 clubs for disabled young persons.



Whoopsadaisy  £4,000


Trustees are pleased to support the conductive education programme

delivered in Brighton via therapeutic Summer Camps to children with

cerebral palsy.



Yellow Submarine  £5,000


Trustees are pleased to support Yellow Submarine with their

programmes that provide respite break/holidays for disabled children in the Oxford area.